Watching is good for your health

1. Watch cat videos is really good for your health!

According to a US study, watch cat videos has many benefits for your health.
In short, you should feel far better after a surf session on Viral Kittens 😜

Cat with computer - Houpets

2. Why are cat videos so popular on the web?

To answer this question, Jessica Gall Myrick a researcher at Indiana University (USA), surveyed nearly 7,000 volunteers on the sensations they were experiencing while watching cat videos on the internet.
According to her findings, watch videos of cats provides intense feelings of happiness and significantly lifts up your spirit. Alert having watched the videos, volunteers reported their mood was better and fit, even among those preferring dogs.
According to the scientist, cat videos could be highly beneficials in some therapies.

Cat with smartphone selfie - Minute Buzz

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